Always The Help


When Black people and POC are murdered by those sworn to protect and white vigilantes the ownness is placed on Blacks and POC to indulge white privilege
and entitlement. We are called to fill panels for discussions featuring Black pain.
We are asked to spill our guts and to instruct about a system of White Supremacy, and the entitlement and privilege Whites have benefited from all of their lives. Liberals point fingers at the real racists, the usual suspects, the KKK, Neo Nazis and other home  grown terrorists. I”ve been down this road too many times. It’s You’re the only Black or POC in the room. Race comes up you and you become the authority on race and racial relationships. You become the entertainment. Damn
, here are are again “The Help”!

Black people and POC  are expected to believe after 400 years of supremacy and systemic racism Whites are clueless? Come off the bullshit! It’s your system, you invented the game. America will never solve her problems unwilling to confront it’s ugly past and present? Failed attempts and regurgitated solutions and safe comfortable rhetoric will prevail. There is much work to be done, but not by Blacks and POC.America was founded on White Supremacy and the oppression of People Of Color. America is unwilling to dismantle laws she created to benefit non people of color. It is often difficult for the most liberal to give up their privilege, and entitlement. Citizens of color  will continue to be murdered and oppressed and denied their rights under the law.  This past election brought with it yet another act of her betrayal. America voted her heart, fear and to maintain her privilege and her entitlement. Needed are whites educating family, friends and members of their community?  I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge allies of goodwill. Allies who risk, and some who have given their lives.

Blacks and POC are not exempt. Loving their masters, bondage, trinkets, coins and social intercourse more than their own freedom. Like their masters they too thirst for the benefits earned by the blood, sweat and tears of others, without doing the work themselves. They remain silent turning their eyes away from the murders

of those mirroring their image and their own oppression. Telling themselves lies
in order to justify their cowardice.

After the discussion, there will be group hugs handshakes and high fives. Everyone congratulating themselves for the work they  could have done, but did not.Whites will return home to their privilege and POC will hope to return home. 


©Copyright Lorraine Currelley 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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