Poets & Writers, Inc. Connecting Cultures reading at La Casa Azul April 23rd, 2015. Video’s opening original poem Nature’s Song  read by Featured poet/reader Edward D. Currelley

Closing BxArtsFactory INNUENDOS 10 Bronxite Women Artists Closing Reception. Watch the featured performance of Lorraine Currelley & her special guest saxophonist Sahji and other feaures. Listen to the great conversations on this video! Thanks to Cinnamon Willis Melandolly for the video!

Featured Guest BxArtsFactory INNUENDOS 10 Bronxite Women Artists Closing Reception

Lorraine Currelley reads at Bronx Book Fair February 28, 2015 Black History Celebration A Celebration of Life: In Honor of Our Ancestors

Pratt Institute MFA Program, accompanied by Jazz Saxophonist and Poet Sahji


My name is Lorraine Currelley. I am a Black Poet who will not remain silent while this nation murders Black People. I have a right to be angry.

It’s Raining Ferguson (Dedicated to the Murdered Children of Black Mothers Wombs)

Guest Videos

Chhaya Chhoum

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